Dominican Convent


 A Grade 3 Special People, Places, Events and Animals

My Mother
My mother is beautiful and sweet, she is slim has brown eyes wears spectacles and has straight black hair her name is Lynn and she is loving and kind and enjoys baking and cooking. Sometimes she watches the cooking channel on T.V .she is an accountant and kooks very smart in a suit with which she wears a necklace and bracelets.

When she comes from work she helps me with my homework. She is the best mother a child could have. I love her very much she is so special to me. And I know she loves me

At weekends my mom, dad and I have fun shopping together.

My dad’s name is Gavin and he is kind and loving. He is short and handsome, well built, has brown eyes and wears sun glasses. He has a moustache and straight hair. He is a tennis coach for children and the Davis Cup Team. He likes to wear a T-shirt and a Cap .my dad loves to watch Cricket at the club on T.V l love him very much
Caitlin Siney

Joanne Armstrong is my best friend sometimes Joanne is very fun and sometimes she is not so funny.she has brown hair and a very beautiful face. We met each other in grade 1 and we had so much fun together. What I like about her is when I feel sad she makes me feel happy again. Sometimes I go to her house and we play interesting games such as racing dancing reading swimming, roller bladding dolls and playing with Barbie dolls.


Congratulations to Angela De Souza and Fatima Lunat who entered the Commonwealth Essay Competition for 1989-90 and were successful. There were 4000 entries from 800 schools in 41 countries.

Angela was HIGHLY COMMENDED for her essay which was just below the prize-winning standard.

Fatima was COMMENDED for showing ability above general run.



In December 1989 one of our Grade Four pupils

saved a baby girl from drowning. We are very proud of Caroline Lang.

This is her story.


My maid Colletah and I were in the kitchen making some salad.

Suddenly I noticed that Chipo, my maid’s baby , was missing.

Colletah and I started to look for her.

We rushed outside and I saw two year old Chipo lying

face down in the swimming pool. Colletah fainted with shock,

but I ran, jumped into the pool, and pulled Chipo out.

I turned Chipo and changed  her clothes. I felt so happy.

I had saved her in time.



We have twin sets in jerseys, and the twin beds to sleep in, Car engine have ‘twin carbs,’twinflowers are evergreen.

A twin-screw is a steamer, with two different propellers,

A twinling is a twin lamb, how sweet they look together.

But the twins you see before you are ………

Adorable, typical, twins.


Ukagara munzira unoita mamota
Murume akadongorera muhari muri kubikirwa anoita mahobi.
Murume akakokota mugoti anoita mazamu
Mukadzi akagara padanda rakatsva anofirwa nemurume wose anomuroora.
Ukagarira badza mumunda urinyope.
Ko imi munoti chii nazvo

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