The Dominican Convent Basketball Team is the champion of all A.T.S schools in Zimbabwe. Eight girls were selected to play for the province. Six girls represented Zimbabwe. Our 2016 basketball captain was selected as captain of the Zimbabwe team. The team will travel to Canada in May for a tournament and are in need of sponsorship. Please visit the Accounts Office and donate towards the trip.

The Dominican Convent fielded five teams in the Indoor/Field Hockey League. The First Team got through to the semi-finals of the knockout competition. We came second in Field Hockey. Nine girls were selected to play for Mashonaland U16 & U19.

Dominican Convent has the best girls’ Karate team in Zimbabwe. We have the highest number of athletes competing for the National team. Team members are the biggest earners of medals locally and internationally.

The Dominican Convent Swimming Team is ranked 4th in the whole country. Four of our girls represented Zimbabwe in Angola in 2016. Seven of our girls represented Zimbabwe at the CANA Zone 4 Competitions in Bulawayo. Our current Sports Captain, Rutendo Maruta, was selected to be Captain of the Zimbabwe Team.

The Convent excelled in Tennis in 2016. Karen Machisa, from the Class of 2016, plays for Zimbabwe and was awarded a full scholarship at the Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. Mercy Kazembe has been playing tennis outside the school and excelling in her own right.

Gymnastics has become a popular sport in the school. Several girls travelled to Namibia to compete in 2016, and two Convent girls were selected to represent Zimbabwe.

There are three Squash teams in the school. Two girls were selected to play for Zimbabwe in the Southern Africa Schools Championship.

Golf is growing increasingly popular as a sport in the school. Daniela Banda plays for Zimbabwe, and was awarded a golf scholarship to study at Weber University (USA) on a 75% scholarship.

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