About the Deputy Headmistress

Mrs Saneliso Mkharo (née Ndhlovu) was born into a family of six children, and grew up in Gweru. She attended Muunga Primary School, Loreto Secondary School and Gokomere High School. Upon completing her high school education, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe, and majored in Philosophy, Religious Education and Mathematics and worked as a teacher, before returning to the university to complete her Master’s Degree in Education. During her career as a teacher, she has taught Mathematics and Divinity at Hatfield High School, Mabelreign High School and St John’s High School. She served as Deputy Headmistress at Chipindura High School in Bindura from 1992 to 1995. Mrs. Mkharo joined the Dominican Convent in , and was appointed to be Deputy Headmistress in 2016. She is proud to have followed the footsteps of her parents, grandparents and siblings who also devoted their lives to teaching.

At heart, Mrs Mkharo is a philanthropist. From 2008 to 2009, she worked for a Christian NGO which distributed food to people in Mzarabani and Goromonzi. Today, she volunteers for a local organization that gives food to the homeless at particular drop-off points. She has also been an ardent Catholic since she became married, and is a member of the lay Dominican Order. Her hobbies include flower-gardening, cooking and reading gospel-related literature. She is widowed, and has two daughters and one son.

Mrs Mkharo believes that her life’s purpose is to guide young people, especially girls, to live a life guided by principles and pleasing to God. She aims to inspire young women to be successful in their education and to be socially adept. She also has a desire to see Zimbabweans valuing the family structure, as it can have a lasting impact on the trajectory of a young woman’s life.

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