About the Headmistress

Sister Kudzai joined the Dominican Sisters on the 13th of January 1999, and subsequently trained in Zambia and Germany before being professed as a Dominican Sister on the 8th of December 2001. She then studied ‘A’ Level Business Studies, Accounts and Divinity here at the Dominican Convent, and went on to obtain an Honours Degree in Business Management with a major in Finance at Midlands State University. Sister Kudzai was then invited to teach Business Studies at our sister school, St. Dominic’s High School (Chishawasha) as well as to serve as its Finance Administrator. After doing so for three years, she studied for a Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Zimbabwe, and majored in the Pedagogy of Accounts and Business Studies. After doing so, Sister Kudzai was invited to teach Business Studies at the Dominican Convent in 2014, and has been a member of the school staff since then. She served as the Deputy Headmistress in 2015 before being appointed to her current post as Headmistress in 2016.

Sister Kudzai is a woman of varied interests. She is a keen musician who was a member of the Dominican Convent CASSA Choir during her high school days, and enjoys singing, playing the guitar and African drums. In addition, she enjoys immersing herself in nature, and especially enjoys flower-gardening. Sister Kudzai is also an avid sportswoman and enjoys mountain climbing, social swimming, cycling, and playing basketball and social tennis. She enjoys travelling, adventure, making lasting friendships, as well as the occasional retreat to recharge and reconnect with God.

Having been born as the oldest of three children, Sister Kudzai has always valued VERITAS (truth), justice and discipline, and holds the mantra “hard work never kills.” She especially enjoys formulating and applying new approaches to doing things. In all her interactions with fellow staff members, students and parents, she aims to see in every person the face of God. In all her endeavours, she aims to live up to her personal vision and mission statement:

“My vision has always been to have an impact in the lives of young people—to find a way to reach them so that they can open up to me and share their deepest self. For that very reason, I will continue to see my girls, not as a group of students, but a group of unique individuals. My strategy is to avail myself to them as a friend. I desire to help them realize the incredible power that lies in each one of them, to help them do away with all fear and doubt and, above all, to feel that love is real.”

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