Creativity and individual expression are essential elements of a balanced education. At Dominican Convent High School cultural activities constitute an integral part of the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of our learners. Our emphasis is on participating to the best of one’s ability. Expert coaching as well as skills development is provided by full-time and part-time staff in a variety of cultural activities. The school believes cultural excellence is about adding balance in proportion to academia. It is about teaching life lessons and building life-long relationships. We offer a wide range of activities and our girls are encouraged to choose at least one.


Bridge is a trick-taking game using 52-card deck, played by four people. It reflects intelligence and encourages the development of logical thinking. “The real test of a Bridge player isn’t keeping out of trouble, but in escaping once in it.

Cassa Choir

We aim to enrich, inspire, motivate and engage all members in hymns and sacred songs in celebration of the Holy Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations. It is open to all Forms. Every year we participate in Catholic schools choir competitions and have made our mark.


Checkmate! We play every game with an unassumed confidence and as a family we build each other to be great thinkers in society and on the chess board.

Christian Life Community

Christian Life Community is not a Club but a way of life inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of our communities worldwide. The communities meet in small groups to pray and share, supporting one another through the ups and downs of ordinary life. In listening to one another we grow to understand ourselves and deepen our relationship with God and be of service to the needy. Our way of life is guided by three pillars namely SPIRITUALITY, COMMUNITY and MISSION. Membership is open to Form Threes upwards. Our motto is “Everything for the greater glory of God.

Current Affairs

This is a formal club for girls in Form 4 upwards and treats information like currency! We add value to it by circulation and discussion. Top stories of the world are discussed extensively in forums and students engage others in meaningful debate on global issues.


The society aims to produce ladies with the ability to express themselves clearly and with the desired effect. By exposing our members to different opinions through participating in various debate competitions, we aim to promote critical thinking and an awareness of various issues, thus creating a rounded and knowledgeable individual.


The club gives individuals a platform to discover all the different sides of themselves from the comfort of centre stage as well as learning the joys of theatre.

English Choir

English Choir is a place to sing and enjoy the bond only music can form and solidify.

German Club

In 2016, the school started an exchange programme with a school based in Regensburg, Germany. The Club assists pupils who are prepared to learn more about German language and culture.

First Aid

The club that gives everyone the chance to save lives and make a difference in society. We train individuals to not only be certified but develop a character that gives to those in need. First creates ladies to whom giving is a part of their being.


From the sober tunes to the eccentric ones, the Guitar Club caters for all music preferences. All ages are welcome.

Humans Rights
The club is open to all forms with the aim of empowering and equipping young ladies with knowledge of their rights. We create a platform for awareness of infringements through intellectual discussion.
A formal club open only to Sixth form. We support various orphanages and in addition work with disadvantaged families in society such as Mutemwa Leprosy Centre and Dzivarasekwa. Our motto is, “Service above self.”
MADRIGALS-14th-17th Century Style: We sing the kind of music you don’t hear everyday. This makes us tick. Young though we are, we stormed 2015 with a bang and will continue in this way. “If music be the food of love, play on and sing on!”
A traditional and contemporary cultural activity for all interested girls in the school. In playing Marimba, we are not just producing sound, but it also brings us closer to our culture. We create intrinsic upbeat, we are hypnotised and become one with the Marimba.
A club that helps to sustain the ancient traditions of Zimbabwean music. The Mbira creates the largest archive for Shona music in the world. The club aims to inspire the girls and give them a platform to showcase their creativity.
Model United Nations
A simulation of the United Nations where students assume the role of delegates for different countries. It offers a stage to debate world issues, inspire global mindedness and discover one’s potential to change the world.
Ndimi Dzose
Ndimi Dzose is a choir made up of students very passionate about music. We sing diverse songs in different languages and strive to inspire people through our sweet voices. A preserve for A’Level students.
Public speaking (English, Shona, French)
We are dedicated to grooming confident speakers who can present eloquently in any given situation. The Club is open to all forms regardless of prior experience.
The Quiz Club inculcates a sense of appreciation for knowledge of events happening globally and of intellectual curiosity in all subjects taught in the school curriculum. Knowledge is power, power to bring about positive change and contribution to society. In the Quiz Club, the fewer the things you will not know, the more power you have to be a resourceful individual in society.

The club aims to groom individuals into confident and cultured members of society who will take part in corporate, political and social affairs in future. Members are equipped with public speaking skills and are mentored to become leaders who strive for excellence. Membership open to A’Level students.

All Cultural activities are available for girls of all ages except a few which are a preserve for A’Level students. Each activity has a Teacher-in-charge and student leader. Clubs and societies meet once for an hour or so per week for practice and attend fixtures as indicated on the school calendar or when invited by other schools and organisations.

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