The Dominican Convent School was the first school to be established in Harare (then, it was still called Salisbury). On the 18th of October 1892, the school was opened to 10 pupils and the first lesson was held in the new School Hut. Its first Mother Superior was Mother Patrick Cosgrave. Over the years, the school significantly developed. The Chapel was built and opened in 1908, and the first permanent school building was erected in 1930. Veritas House followed suit in 1958, as well as the school hall in 1963, an extension of the first school building, the primary school in 1999, and every other building and structure present in the school yard today.

The school’s targeted group of students has also evolved. Initially it was coeducational, but when our brother school, St George’s College was opened, the school became dedicated to educating the girl child. In 1939, Convent students sat for the Cambridge School Certificate Examination for the first time.

Over the years, the school anniversary has been celebrated in elaborate ways, one of them being the 120th year celebration. To honour this event, Old Girl Lizane Purse wrote and published Veritas, a book which vividly depicts the development of the Dominican Convent from its very first days in 1892, right up to 2012. This book is available for purchase at the school today. It is ex-pupils like her and many others who continue to hold the Convent flag high in many corners of the world and without whom the story of the Dominican Convent would be incomplete.

Previous headmistresses

Senior Department

Sr. Yolanda Kilkelly                 1892-1901

Sr. Canisia Fink                        1902-1912

Sr. Bertranda Fischhaber        1912-1917

Sr. Amanda Linder                  1918-1922

Sr. Bertranda Fischhaber        1922-1949

Sr. Georgina Wilkinson           1950-1954

Sr. Trinitas Freitag                  1955-1956

Sr. Pancratius Baumi              1956-1986

Sr. Gundula Haufele                1987-2007

Mrs Ann Glover                       2008-2015

Sr. Kudzai Mutsure                  2016-present


Middle School

(Opening of Middle School Department 1959)

Sr. Amanda Dietmayer           1959-1965

Sr. Reingard Berger                1966-1976

Sr. Azalis Dandl                       1977-1979

Sr. Gundula Haufele                1980-1986

(Closing of Middle School Department 1968)

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