Welcome to the Dominican Convent High School website. I am confident that you will find this website not only informative, but also very inspiring. As you go through it you will understand many things about the origins, history and vision of Dominican Convent School.

Following a tradition that dates back to St. Dominic (c. 1170—1222) Dominican Convent has provided a sound and holistic education for the past 125 years to thousands of students who have left the school and have contributed significantly to the global society.

Being part of this great institution not only fills me with pride, but makes me understand and appreciate the work that the Dominican sisters, teachers, parents, and students that have gone before us put in to build the legacy that we enjoy today. I look to the past with reverence, and place the future of the school into the hands of God, who makes everything possible. God Himself has sustained and guided the school, and it is in Him that we place our hope for an even better future.

Our vision as the Dominican Convent School is to remain as the leading multicultural school in the nation. The Dominican Convent High School provides the girl child with a reasonably-priced, globally competitive and holistic educational package that is premised on the teaching of the Catholic faith and its traditions.

Our values, which have been tested and tried for over a century, set us apart; VERITAS (truth) is and has been the mark of a Convent girl. Through the teaching and living of Christian values, the school undertakes to give each girl child a disciplined sense of self-worth through interactive support structures coupled with holistic educational nourishment in a Catholic, Christian, Dominican-ethos inspired, and equal-opportunity learning environment.

At the Dominican Convent, we endeavour to produce girls of integrity, who take responsibility for their actions and, by their presence, communicate and become living testimonies of God’s compassion to others through their works of charity. We develop within the girls the core values of equality, gratitude, excellence, humility, punctuality, passion, and tolerance.

The school community draws its strength from communal prayer. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist as a school brings us together as a family.

To all those who want to experience warmth and love, pay us a visit. I have no doubt that your encounter our girls, teachers and staff will persuade you to find a reason to join and remain in our homely environment.

Sr Kudzai Mutsure O.P.