School Development Association


The School Development Association is an organisation made up of students’ parents who work together to organise fundraising events whose proceeds go towards the development of the school. These events include an annual Fun Day, Golf Day and many others. The SDA is the reason behind many of the developments within the school, such as the renovation of the administration block, staff room, certain classrooms in the school, the purchase of Veritas Sports Centre, and donations made towards Jubilee Celebrations, such as the school’s 125th anniversary which took place in 2017. The Association is headed by the following:

  • Mr. Tapiwa Shiri

  • Vice Chairperson
  • Mrs. Sheillah Chagaresango
  • Mr. Clayton Gwatiringa
  • Sr. Tsitsidzashe Chikwani
    School Headmistress (Primary)
  • Mrs. Maureen Kadzirange
    Deputy Headmistress (Primary)
  • Sr. Kudzai Mutsure
    School Headmistress (High School)
  • Mrs. Saneliso Mkharo
    Deputy Headmistress (High School)
  • Mr. Leonard Maphosa
    High School Representative
  • Sr. Ferrera
    Local Superior

committee members

  • Charles Mataba
  • Venonie Nyakudya
  • Analisa Kawonde
  • Edward Charumbira
  • Winnie Muvevi
  • Gloria Razunguzwa
  • Mr. Gumpo
  • George M. Manyaya

Our Mission

The Dominican Convent, following a tradition that dates back to St Dominic, who desired the salvation of all people, is committed to the education and development of the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and socially.

Our Vision

To be the leading multi-cultural Catholic Girls’ school in the region that offers a sound holistic education and a first-rate operational climate for pupils, staff and parents in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

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