our christian beliefs


At the heart of Dominican Life is prayer. The Dominican Convent believes that spiritual growth is an integral element of who we are as a school. Contributing to the personal reflection and development of our students’ spiritual lives is as essential as seeing them excel academically. While we are called to share the fruits of our contemplation, private prayer has traditionally found its counterpart in common prayer, especially the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist. It is from our prayer that all life and ministry flow. Dominican spirituality recognises that each person is unique and has a special relationship with God.
The school also holds mass to celebrate Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent, and coordinates the girls to donate groceries for alms-giving to the local community. Additionally, each class has Recollection once a year, which is a one-day retreat to a local Catholic venue, as an opportunity to reconnect with God and foster relationships with classmates. In October, the Upper Sixth Form has their Valete Mass—a special farewell mass in which they celebrate together their years at the Dominican Convent. This Mass is attended by family members, special guests, staff and fellow school mates. And at the end of each term, the school holds a Closing Mass.

The Dominican Convent Chapel

The first stone of the Convent Chapel, dedicated to St. Dominic, was placed on 2nd February 1908. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. H Gillet, S.J., in the reign of Pope Pius X and of King Edward VII. The School Chapel was officially opened on the 4th of August 1908; the Very Rev. Father Gartlan, S.J., Perfect Apostolic, came from Bulawayo to perform the ceremony


Christian Life Community

This society meets as form groups once a week to discuss aspects of their walk as Christians, as well as ways to impact the community. It is open to all Christians, regardless of church denomination.

Dominican Youth Movement

This movement meets once a week to discuss the values of the Dominican Order, to organise outreach events, camps and various other activities.

The School Prayer (From St Thomas’ Prayer for Students)

O infinitely perfect Creator
Whose wisdom created heaven and earth
In great beauty.
You are the source of light and of love
And the beginning of all things.
Pour out your light on the darkness of my ignorance and sinfulness.
Guide my tongue so I may always praise You.
Give me keenness of understanding,
Make me able to remember,
Quick and prompt to learn,
Wise to solve difficulties,
Fluent and ready in speech.
Show me how to begin
And hold me by the hand as I go on.
And when my work is ended,
Be its blessing and completion
You who are both God and Man
Living with the Father and the Holy Spirit
World without end.

Our Mission

The Dominican Convent, following a tradition that dates back to St Dominic, who desired the salvation of all people, is committed to the education and development of the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and socially.

Our Vision

To be the leading multi-cultural Catholic Girls’ school in the region that offers a sound holistic education and a first-rate operational climate for pupils, staff and parents in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

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